• ■ The valley is full of Wades (barsati naala) in Monsoon Season. Take extreme caution while hiking in the mountains or crossing roads when it’s raining. The water level on roads during the rains might be higher than anticipated.
    ■ Naushera to Uchali road in very bad condition. Uchali Lake full of algae with bad smell and mosquitoes. Visit in winter 2023.
    ■ Reports of armed robbers looting people at Katha Mountains / Padhi (Khaliqabad – Naushera Road) in early morning and evening. Try not to travel before Fajar and after Maghrib.
    ■ Balkasar to Talagang and Kalarkahar to Munara road under construction.

Basic Information

Soon Valley is like a cup surrounded by rolling unsymmetrical green hills presenting a breathtaking vista. Known for its natural beauty, the valley provides a unique sanctuary to a host of migratory birds in winter. It is a valley of lakes and springs, lush green fertile fields, versatile mountains, amazing landscape, dense mixed forests, sanctuaries of wildlife, brave peoples of high traditions, rich archaeology, pre-historic sites and ancient history.

Nietzsche, the well-known German philosopher (1844-1900), once in an article expressed his liking for such a place to build a house for himself which may be located in a hilly area with water springs and lakes and then it should have dry climate. Obviously, there was no such place in Europe. Had the majdhub philisopher been alive today, I would have told him to come to Soon Valley here because it fulfills all the three requirements.

– Prof. Syed Ahmad Saeed Hamadani

Soon Valley is situated in the north west of District Khushab, Punjab. The Valley starts from Padhrar village and ends at Sakesar which is the highest peak of Salt Range. The length of Soon Valley is 35 miles (56 km) and average width is 9 miles (14 km).

The temperature is mild to pleasant in the summer and cold in winters. Soon Valley is heavenly in all seasons, especially when the monsoon clouds engulfs the valley and a chill breeze races down Sakesar to welcome wandering tourists.

soon valley information

soon valley information

Sakesar Mountain

Located at a height of 5,010 feet (1,530 m) above sea level, Sakesar, the highest mountain in the Salt Range looms over Uchali lake. It was once the summer headquarters for the Deputy Commissioners of three districts – Campbelpur (now Attock), Mianwali and Shahpur (now Sargodha). It is the only mountain in this part of Punjab which receives snow fall in winters. In view of Sakesar’s ideal location and height, PAF selected it in the late-50s as the site for a high powered radar which would provide air defence cover for the northeastern part of the western wing. Pakistan Television’s re-broadcasting center has been installed to provide terrestrial transmissions coverage to adjoining areas.

Soo Valley Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of all tourist places

Situated in the heart of Soon Valley, Naushera is the only town of the valley, surrounded by high hills, beautiful lakes, jungles, natural pools and ponds. Naushera is also blessed with ancient civilization, natural resources, and fertile farms. The major settlement of the valley ‘Nausehra’ lies almost in the geographical centre of the valley and is located at 72″ II’ 29″ north latitude and 32″ 34′ 58″ west longitude. The general height of surrounding hills is around 2500 feet above sea level, with several peaks reaching over 3000 feet. Tourists can use ATMs and internet cafes too in Naushera.

soon valley information

Naushera, Photo Credits: Arshad Awan

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Getting there:

Islamabad to Soon Valley:

While coming from Islamabad/Rawalpindi, enter on M2 motorway towards Lahore, move out of motorway from Balkasar Interchange and travel towards Talagang. As of October 2020, the road condition from Balkasar to Talagang is bad with heavy traffic on the route. After crossing Talagang, drive on Khushab road (Katha road) up to Jaba mor (a road turning right towards Jaba, the first village of Soon Valley on that side). Naushera is 25km from Jaba village. Total distance from Islamabad to Naushahra is 240 km. At about 2 km from Jaba Mor towards Khushab, there is another road that is called Sultan Mehdi – Sodhi Road and this road also leads to Naushera.

Lahore to Soon Valley:

While coming from Lahore, enter on M2 motorway towards Islamabad and move out of Motorway from Kalar Kahar interchange, then travelling from Kalar Kahar to Padhrar and Pail villages that are the eastern most villages of Soon Valley, take a turn from Pail Chowk to Jaba Mor (a road turning right towards Jaba Mor). The road condition from Kalarkahar to Soon Valley is not so good. Total distance from Lahore to Naushahra is 309 km. At about 2 km before Jaba Mor you can turn left on Sultan Mehdi – Sodhi road.

Update 24th August, 2023: Balkasar to Talagang Road & Bochaal to Munara Road (Kalarkahar road) under construction. Both routes will take extra time to get to Soon Valley. The tires of the car/van should be in good condition.  

Soon Valley Map

Designed by Nasir Imran, Shah Nawaz

Some of the important phone numbers are given below:

  • Naushera Police Station: 0454-610110
  • Tehsil Hospital Naushera: 0454-610240
  • Rescue 1122: 1122


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    • From Sargodha you should reach Khushab, then Kattha Saghral, and from there directly to Soon Valley. Just ask anyone the road to Kattha in Khushab and they will guide you. You can’t visit the wholee valley in one day but you can visit the main three points i.e. Uchali Lake, Khabeki Lake and Kanhatti Garden in a single day. That is if you manage the time well.

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