• ■ The valley is full of Wades (barsati naala) in Monsoon Season. Take extreme caution while hiking in the mountains or crossing roads when it’s raining. The water level on roads during the rains might be higher than anticipated.
    ■ Naushera to Uchali road in very bad condition. Uchali Lake full of algae with bad smell and mosquitoes. Visit in winter 2023.
    ■ Reports of armed robbers looting people at Katha Mountains / Padhi (Khaliqabad – Naushera Road) in early morning and evening. Try not to travel before Fajar and after Maghrib.
    ■ Balkasar to Talagang and Kalarkahar to Munara road under construction.

Kanhatti Garden

Kanhati Garden Soon Valley

Home to stunningly beautiful waterfalls and marvellous views, Kanhatti Garden Soon Valley is a major tourist spot in Soon Valley.

Kanhatti Garden, located in Soon Valley of District Khushab, is accessible from Islamabad (M2 Balkasar Interchange), Lahore (M2 KallarKahar Interchange) Sargodha, Khushab and Mainwali. The distance from Islamabad is 290 km, from Lahore is 300-km and from Sargodha is 120 km.

Kanhatti Garden was established by Major W Whet Burn, District Engineer, and District Board Shahpur on 18th August 1933. Kanhatti sub village of Khabeki has been derived from Kanhat, a special rock found at natural water spring. The area of orchard was transferred to the District Board on Nov 2, 1934. The plantation in the garden was started in December 1934 and completed in January-February 1935. The plant inventory includes Almond, Apricot, Pine apple, Nagpurisangtara, Valencia late and Washington Navel. The Garden was transferred to Horticulture Research Station Soon Valley under the administrative control of Director Horticulture Research Institute, AARI-Faisalabad (1984 to 1991).In the year 1999, it was again given under the control of District Council Khushab. However being maintained under the supervision of the Khusab Agriculture Department, the Kanhatti Rest House and Camping Site was taken over by the Punjab Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) on 29th Nov, 2014.

kanhatti soon valley

Kanhatti Garden is like a square, three sides are bounded by reserve forest (5,014 acres) while in North private lands of the Kanhatti settlement are located. Garden is home of the indigenous flora and fauna. More than 15 species of tall trees, 60 herbs, 20 shrubs and 15 types of grasses have been recorded from the garden. Kanhatti Garden is home to the largest birds population in the Punjab Salt Range. Punjab Urial, Grey and Black partridges, golden orioles, woodpeckers while 6 different endemic fish species have been found in the garden water springs. Irrigation sources are three – spring water, rainwater and tube well. Kanhati Garden is famous for its delicious sweet juicy late Valentia citrus variety (brought from Florida, the US in 1932) which fully ripe in the month of May-June and no other place in Punjab share this uniqueness. Kanhat rock is abundantly found in this area due to which the place is named as Kanhatti. Limestone and sandstone layers are present in the area where as red marl is also exposed at several places. The main mountain ridges of the area consist of the sand stone which are 120 million years old.The climate of the garden is generally dry with hot summer and cold winter. The average minimum temperature in the area is 02 c while average maximum temperature is 36 c. Average annual precipitation is 600 mm, a major portion of which received during rainy season. Garden is visited by 10 to 1,000 tourists annually both local as well as from other adjoining cities. These tourists include common citizens, university/college/school students and youth generation of the area.

According to the PTDC Managing Director, project “Development of Eco-Tourism in Soon Valley at Kanhatti Garden, Khabekhi and Uchali Lake – Khushab’, has been approved and initiated under Annual Development Program (ADP) which hopefully would be completed within 18 months. However, soft interventions at Kanhatti Garden will be completed within couple of months. The components of development at Kanhatti Garden include Campsite and Camping facility, Garden view point, Rest House, Caravan Park, Camel riding, Hiking trails, bird watching and sighting of several other wildlife species, Natural water springs, waterfalls, water mills and water pools. Moreover the installation of signage has been completed to facilitate the visiting tourists. – Written by Nouman Khan


  1. I have been to this place with my family Really beautiful place. When visiting the main waterfall, children should be look after all the time.

  2. One of the best places in Soon Valley

  3. Liked it BT really tough traveling. So lush green garden peer pomegranate fig n many more. Kanhatti water fall is also good BT so little space anyhow kids n gents can enjoy it

  4. Its beautiful but still under developed. The road leading towards kanhatti garden is better than before. Waterfall is mainly for men n kids… I hope to see this valley fully developed in coming years. Its a good tourists spot.

    • Undoubtedly, this place is a must visit and should be developed to attract tourists, which will ultimately boost up our economy.

  5. A worth watching site. You can’t imagine the beauty until you reach the garden. A beautiful place surrounded by barren mountains.

  6. Adventurous site .. needs attention of tourism dept.. more attractions n facilities should be installed..

  7. Muhammad Aqeel Asad

    Amazing place like a peace of heaven. God gifted for the people of district khushab and also all the visitors for all over the Pakistan.

  8. Spell bounding place indeed.

  9. Its beautiful place without of tention.. Everything is in peace everywhere greenish, so beautiful point for families.. everyone can easily visit this place with his own conveyance..like car, small toyota, Carry Daba..
    I love it..

  10. We couldn’t make it to that main waterfall but the garden itself is a very beautiful and peaceful place

  11. Very Calm and relaxing place with family or friends.

  12. A very nice and still under construction eco-tourism site. Waterfalls are nice and it is not fully explored or known to many people. So please keep it clean.

  13. Muhammad Kamran (Army Boy)

    very nice place
    i m linig here
    this is my valley

    • M Kamran sir I could use your help in planning a trip there. Since you live there can you please help me out? Can you share your phone number so that I can contact you?

  14. Mr Shaykh Hassan,
    I was there yesturday. You can contact me if you want for any info.

  15. beautiful place very relaxing and calm.

  16. Thank you so much for this website. Information provided is really good. you guys are real champions of soon valley. this will definitely bring more tourist to the places. I hope people don’t mess up this beauty

  17. How hard is it to get there from Lahore. How is the road condition and access to main waterfall and the park

    • “While coming from Lahore, enter on M2 motorway towards Islamabad and move out of Motorway from Kalar Kahar interchange, then travelling from Kalar Kahar to Padhrar and Pail villages that are the eastern most villages of Soon Valley, take a turn from Pail Chowk to Jaba Mor (a road turning right towards Jaba Mor). The road condition from Kalarkahar to Soon Valley is good. Total distance from Lahore to Naushahra is 309 km.”
      Its not hard to get from Lahore to Kanhatti. Road condition is good except in some places but is roughly 20 mins road. Its not bad.
      Park is easily accessible. You actually park the vehicle inside the park. But to reach the waterfall you have to walk on foot for 20 minutes. That can be hectic when the sun is booming above your head.

  18. Khaneti garden is open now

  19. It is sure that garden is open now a days

  20. We have gone on16 april it was closed now we want to visit garden plz make sure that it is open or not

  21. Anybody have contact number of the staff…for confirmation about kenhatti garden

  22. Sultan Mahmood, Lahore

    You can’t go beyond UCHALI lake, a prohibited area, hear are at least 2 lakes to see, there are very old trees on the sides of Nowshera to Islamabad Road, while Khabebi is on perhaps Northern side of Uchali Lake, then how can we access to target place?


  24. One of the most beautiful places on earth. A must visit and that should be a camping visit. Stay one night there with the most amazing jungle and sweetest sound of waterfalls. I wish to have a home there 🙂

  25. السلام عليكم..
    We want to arrange a trip of university girls at this place..
    kindly suggest preferable visiting sites for 1 day trip.
    Also we want to come within this month. Possibly at end of june or start of july.

    Your suggestions please.

  26. never go with family.because dangerous road no mobile signals no rescue in emergency no body will help you only for male.if family wants to go at least 10 to 15 peoples will visit with maximum males.

  27. Hum 5 females or 2 males ne jana h kanhati garden or water fall koi mashwara de ga next month jana thk rahy ga ya nai????

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