• ■ The valley is full of Wades (barsati naala) in Monsoon Season. Take extreme caution while hiking in the mountains or crossing roads when it’s raining. The water level on roads during the rains might be higher than anticipated.
    ■ Naushera to Uchali road in very bad condition. Uchali Lake full of algae with bad smell and mosquitoes. Visit in winter 2023.
    ■ Reports of armed robbers looting people at Katha Mountains / Padhi (Khaliqabad – Naushera Road) in early morning and evening. Try not to travel before Fajar and after Maghrib.
    ■ Balkasar to Talagang and Kalarkahar to Munara road under construction.

Places to Visit

Soon Valley is blessed with serene natural beauty which includes beautiful lakes, springs, forests and many archaeological sites. If you have one day and you want to visit maximum places in Soon Valley, scheduling your time will be quite beneficial for quenching your thirst of exploring this beautiful and alluring valley. There are several site seeing options available to the tourists, some of which are shown below.

For staying options, CLICK HERE

Uchali Lake

Uchali Lake is the most popular tourist attraction in the valley. This lake is formed due to the absence of drainage in the range. Sakaser, the highest mountain in the Salt Range at 1,522 meters (4,993 ft), looms over the lake. Due to its saline water the lake is lifeless, but offers picturesque scenery. Boats are also available for boating.  View full photo gallery.
Update 9th August, 2023: Naushera to Uchali Lake road is in very bad condition. Uchali Lake full of algae with bad smell and mosquitoes. Visit in winter 2023. 

Uchali Lake Soon Valley

Khabeki Lake

If you are going to visit Uchali Lake and coming from Kalarkahar or Talagang side, then most probably you will pass this lake on your way (unless you take the Sodhi road route). The lake and the green area around provide a good scenery. Both Uchali and Khabeki lakes attract hundreds of migratory birds each year and are ideal haven for the bird watchers. View full photo gallery. 

Khabeki Lake Soon Valley

Jahlar Lake

One can experience the peace and natural beauty on visiting Jahlar lake and it creates a feeling of deep calm. It is one of the least visited lakes of the valley mainly because of it’s location. The lake is situated near the village Jahlar. Its area under water is approximately 148 acres. In winter, birds from distant places migrate to this lake and in summer they make their return back to the native countries. The water is strongly acidic and one can wash clothes with its water without any soup. This lake does not contain any facilities like boating or fishing unlike Uchali or Khabeki lake. There are two routes to this lake; one is from Kathwayi to Jahlar (if you are coming from Sargodha side) and the other is from Naushera to Surakki and then from there to Jahlar. View full photo gallery. 

Jahlar Lake Soon Valley

Kanhatti Garden

Kanhatti garden is home to stunningly beautiful waterfalls and marvelous views. There is a camping site too with fireplace for the tourists. There are several natural trails for tourists for hiking or just to take in the beauty by foot. View full photo gallery. 

Kanhatti Garden Soon Valley

Daip Shareef

It is a beautiful place where one can not only enjoy the spiritual peace but also the gorgeous scenic beauty because of a small waterfall, ponds and water springs. The way to Dep Shareef goes from Kufri village or from the main road. Road almost goes near to the water springs from where one has to travel 1 kilometre by foot in order to reach the ponds. It is a mountainous ziaarat gaah. Water springs flow here in abundance. Water is absolutely clean, pure and sweet. People from all over the valley come here to pay theirr homage to this sacred place because of a saint Hazrat Siraaj Ud Din Naqshbandi (R.A.). View full photo gallery.

Daip Shareef Soon Valley

Anmb Shareef

The fort and temples of Anmb Shareef are located in tehsil Quaidabad. Most of the people consider these temples as a part of the area of Soon Valley because of its contiguity to the dhoks of Mahoriyaan but officially, it is designated in tehsil Quaidabad rather than tehsil Khushab.

These buildings hold a special interest for the archaeologists. Originally, the whole of this area was a fort in which there was one palace and two temples. Nowadays, only the palace and one temple exist. There used to be different statues in this fort but nothing is left of them now. The architecture of the temple is of Kashmiri style. The palace comprises of three floors but one can only approach the ground and the first floor. Each floor has a central hall.

This temple and palace is in ruins now. Government should endeavour to renovate and revive it just like they did with the temples of Katas Raj. This place holds immense archaeological importance and can be even termed as world heritage site by UN. Excavations have been going on here since many years and many precious and priceless artefacts and statues have been taken away by the smugglers and local people. This place still possesses invaluable treasure underneath it in the form of artefacts, statues and coins etc. If robust efforts have not been made by the archaeological department officials, it will be devoid of its treasure by the smugglers and people with selfish minds. View full photo gallery.

Anmb Shareef Soon Valley

Nurshing Phuwar

Nurshingh Phowaar (Often mispronounced as nursing phowaar) is a place where one can find beautiful temples and lovely water springs. The temples still retain their original shape although rapidly deteriorating.

Regarding its history, there was a Hindu Nurshingh Daas who came to this place to pray. The drops of the water spring falls on the adjoining mountains and that is why how this place got the name of nurshingh phowaar. In the past, in the month of beesakh, a besaakhi mela used to be celebrated at this place where Yaatrees came from distant towns and villages. There is a beautiful waterfall, greenery at its best, mind blowing water springs and amazing archaeological as well as historical temples at this place. These days, this temple is under the department of Oqaaf. It is a pity and we repeat, it is a pity and sheer callousness of our government that this temples has been turning into ruins since the last so many years. No care has been given to this place, no funds are allocated and we people are going to lose this precious historical site located in our own valley. Need of the hour is to develop and protect this place. View full photo gallery.

Nurshingh Phowaar Soon Valley

Photo Gallery of all tourist places


  1. Amazing work by both of you. Thank you for making such a beautiful website of our valley

  2. Truly breathtaking places ❤ my all tym favourites hav been Uchali Lake, Khabeki and Kanhatti Garden ❤
    One, if given chance, musst visit Soon Valley !

  3. Beautiful. This valley is next in my future plans to tour across Pakistan.

  4. Wonderful
    Good Job By SHAH SAAD Awllaaa Bhai keep it up ❤❤

  5. i want to know estimated travel cost from Islamabad,,,stay charges and mode of travel there.

  6. It depends upon your transport type.
    If you hire a taxi cab from ISB then it would about Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 as your travelling expense for a round trip of one day to soon valley.
    If you reach there by public transport. It would cost you Rs. 2000. but it is not recommended.
    As far as stay is concerned. It would cost you Rs 500 to Rs 2000 max. per night stay depending on your place of stay.

  7. Can you suggest a good place to stay and how many days should be planned to visit all places mentioned??
    And which route is best if we are coming ftom isb

    • Visit the following link on our website to find out about the staying options:

      While coming from Islamabad/Rawalpindi, enter on M2 motorway towards Lahore, move out of motorway from Balkasar Interchange and travel towards Talagang. After crossing Talagang drive on Khushab road (Katha road) up to Jaba mor (a road turning right towards Jaba, the first village of Soon Valley on that side). Naushera is 25km from Jaba village.

  8. is night travelling safe there ??

    • Only till 8.00pm or so. After that people do travel here but I won’t advise an outsider to travel. Its a mountainous area so someone can easily rob you and vanish in the mountains.

  9. I am from Sargodha. This place looks very near to me. but I was advised to visit this in summer Not in winter.is this area safe for family trip and night accommodation.?? what you suggest and what services you provide and your contact e mail,phone number to arrange tour

  10. Aslam o Alaikum Fellows..
    I want to visit Uchali Lake with my fellows ( a university 1 day Trip) plz guide me..
    We planned our visit on 10 feburary 2018 ..
    Plzz give your opinions… Is this is good time to visit?? Thankss

  11. Thanks for the information about that sight seeing place.its admireable work

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  13. Dear I am principal of a college in faisalabad and we want to visit for one day to kanhati garden and kubaiki lake can you please advise about hiace wagon is ok
    will our transport reach every where
    what precautions
    what about food
    is it safe

  14. I LOVED LOVED LOVED THE captivating scenes of soon valley. I want to plan a trip to soon valley from Lahore. Please tell me if it’s safe to travel with your female friends? Also, can you please give me the itenary to have the economical trip along with the estimate of per head cost?

    • dear Ayesha, ap nay ager apni savaei pr ana hay to kaler kahar ke taraf say ao zeada maza ay ga aj kal to waha ka mosam bohat acha hay ap ko waha bohat saray khusurat maqam malay gay jo ap ko zendagi may kabhi na bhulay ga , family k leay ager ap k pass apni sawari ho ge to betar rahay ga ap rastay may bhe stay kr saktay ho koe parayshani wali bat na ho ge stay k leay ap site noshra (ak bara qasba ) pr stay kr sakti ho waha restorent bhe hain
      mazeed rabta k leay 03438686820 pr rabta kr sakti ho
      may khud bhe waha ka rehnay wala hu aj kl lahore may hu

  15. We ar e10-12 people (Office staff) and we are planning a 1 day trip to soon valley this saturday 12 may 2018. Is it possible to cover all the lakes and parks in 1 day?
    if not then what do you suggest to visit the lakes in 1 DAY ONLY.

    Thank you.

    • You didn’t even tell that where are you coming from and when will you reach the valley. I will suggest to visit Uchali lake, Khabeki lake and Kanhatti Garden in 1 day.

  16. Koi bata sakta he k kharomi waterfall kyon khushak ho gai?

    • Uska aik season hta hai wo most of the time khushk e rehti h moon soon k mosam m wahan visit kiya jaey to behtr hai but extremely dangerous track hai

  17. What is the reason behind non existance of kharomi waterfall.

  18. Excellent effort to promote tourism in this area. No hint of Skasar hills?

  19. Nice valley of nice AWAN family. And nice work done

  20. Bhai yr many fsd sy jana hy koi bhi a6a mashwara he dy dy eid k bd kesa rhy ga waha jana

  21. How much it will cost (an estimate) if we travel from lahore towards soon valley and for a 2 days stay with a family of four people on our own transport?

  22. I’m planning to visit kanhatti garden with family on my own car on 9 july 2018. We mainly want to visit waterfalls and water springs in one day tour from morning to night. I will be coming from faisalabad side so will take khushab Sargodha road to reach there. Kindly give me accomodation details in case we have to stay there and any other usefull tip? Especially tell me whether safe parking place available at treck/walking route or not?

  23. Dear I am from sargodha me and my family with 2 child want to visit it kindly guide how can we visit all places

  24. Which way to choose if we coming from SARGODHA …??

  25. which of soon vally is most beautiful and prefer to visit

  26. I want to organize my University trip for one day to soon kesar valley…Kindly will u please guide me that which places we have to visit in one day…And also inform me about Any restaurant near soonn kesar valley at GT road and at a reasonable cost…We will come from lahore through Motorway…And we need restaurant for lunch but it must be on GT road because we come back to Lahore by GT road… Kindly guide me about all these …

    • Muhammad Faisal Yaqub

      Kanhatti Garden, Khabeki Lake and Uchali Lake can visit with one day. Kanhatti garden and Kanhatti water fall is a beautiful place its look more attractive in June to Septermber.

  27. i hve pln to vist soon velly is it sve for fmly tour ?

    • Yes it’s perfectly safe.

    • Muhammad Faisal Yaqub

      it is totally safe but you must have a good driver and vehicle and also a good guide.
      and some thing more soon velly is most attractive for thriller and who like adventure. if you want to go there with your family then i suggest you only visit the Kanhatti Garden, Uchali lake and Khabeki lake only. because other points are little dangerous and tracking paths and have very deep water.

  28. Every thing is mention in very well manner but you have. Not mention routes and distance to reach there

    • Link for Google Maps has been mentioned on each page of a tourist location. You may visit that link and then click Directions; it will show you the route from any desired location to that place.

  29. Bike pe in jagho pe hm easily travel kr sakty? Or kisi place pe just familly allowed wala scene to nhi hai?

    • Only the lakes and Kanhatti Garden are easily accessible on bike. No such restrictions about family but it’s better not to go to places in mountains with family. Places like Nurshing Phuwar, Baba Sultan Mehdi spring etc etc.

  30. I’ve some queries:

    1. Are all the Places / Areas in Soon Valley have easy accessible approach for the Coasters or High-roof type Vehicles?

    2. Which is the best place or city to stay overnight with family for a two-day tour across the Valley?

    3. What are the current Rates for Tickets in all Visiting Points in the area?

    4. Is Group-Ticketing / Entry available or not?

    • 1. Only the three lakes and Kanhatti Garden. For other places you will have to walk or hike.
      2. Village Inn Naushera, TDCP Resort at Khabeki Lake, Hassan Guests House Khabeki
      4. 50 Rupees per head at Khabeki Lake plus Parking charges. Only parking charges at Kanhatti Garden. The rest of places have open and free entry.
      5. No (at Khabeki Lake).

  31. Is there a Tourist-Spot exists in or near the Sakesar-Top?

  32. Dear, i want to visit by next week, i will reach on Friday night, saturday will visit all attractions and then Sunday i will quit,

    Car, yaris( guide is it ok)
    Prog is ok
    How much sites cover in one day
    Any advice

  33. Where are you coming from? If from Lahore, follow this route: Lahore -> Makhdoom Interchange -> Sargodha -> Khushab -> Khaliqabad -> Khura -> Khabeki Lake
    If you are coming from Islamabad, come through Balkasar Interchange. The road from Balkasar to Talagang is messed up as well but not so much as from Kalarkahar.
    Roads are bad for any vehicle in the vehicle. But Yaris won’t hit a bump if you are careful in driving.
    Weather is lovely and cold in the morning and at night. The road to Uchali Lake is messed up and two months ago the lake was full of algae with bad smell all around. I don’t know the current situation of the lake.
    You may visit Khabeki Lake and Kanhatti Garden. To visit other places you need another day because it’s not advisable to travel after sunset here to/from remote locations.

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