Tulhaath Fort

Tulhaath Fort Soon Valley

Tulhaath fort is a place located near Her Do Sodhi (سو د ھی) Baala on Kathwayi-Jahlar road. A rocky track leads to this fort. One has to travel by foot for about 1 and a half kilometres. According to Baba Sarwar Awan, this was a palace and there were canals for…

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Akrand Fort

Akrand Fort Soon Valley

    Akrand fort in Soon Valley was built by the men of Raja Tataar Khan in order to defend the areas of Soon and Pakhar. The fort is covered with thick and dense forest. Only one way leads to the fort which is along the way to Kanhatti garden.…

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Suggestions for tourists

Suggestions for tourists visiting Soon Valley

By Shah Samad Hamadani     The lines I am going to write are in no way a complete guideline for the tourists but comprises some of the things visitors should be looking after during their tour. Firstly, the local person is a must if you are planning to visit…

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  Khadumi is a rare beauty; untouched, silent and off the tourist trail. It is located near Nurshingh Phuwar.These clips are about one week old and the volume and width of the waterfall is reducing daily, so the scene most probably will be different now. Do NOT plan your visit…

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