• ■ The valley is full of Wades (barsati naala) in Monsoon Season. Take extreme caution while hiking in the mountains or crossing roads when it’s raining. The water level on roads during the rains might be higher than anticipated.
    ■ Naushera to Uchali road in very bad condition. Uchali Lake full of algae with bad smell and mosquitoes. Visit in winter 2023.
    ■ Reports of armed robbers looting people at Katha Mountains / Padhi (Khaliqabad – Naushera Road) in early morning and evening. Try not to travel before Fajar and after Maghrib.
    ■ Balkasar to Talagang and Kalarkahar to Munara road under construction.

About us

All of this started on June 2, 2011 when we launched our facebook page. In the start we were just taking random photos and uploading them on the page. But shortly afterwards we decided to visit every scenic spot of the valley and photograph it. And hence the journey started. We were visiting springs, waterfalls, archaeological sites, capturing them from every angle and uploading the albums on our facebook page.

The feedback from many people kept us motivated in our work

There were already some groups and pages present on facebook at that time but most of them were inactive, posting photos from here and there. Pretty soon the number of the photos on our page started to grow. This was one of the important tasks, to keep the photos coming, to show the valley in each season, showing the world not just the lakes or some springs, but to reveal the beauty of Soon Valley from one end to another.

Along the way we also raised our voice on the issues our valley faces, suggesting tips and cautions for the tourists and local people along with many other things. At present, no other website exists on Soon Valley apart from this one. There was a dire need to make a good looking, fully stuffed tourism website on the valley. And hence, visitsoonvalley.com came to life.

Time to introduce ourselves now! We are two brothers, Shah Samad Hamadani and Shah Saad Hamadani from Naushera which is the only town of Soon Valley. Shah Samad Hamadani is a CSP officer of Pakistan Customs Service. Shah Saad Hamadani is a telecommunication engineer and a web developer. He is also the present Principal of Shah-e-Hamadan Public High School in Naushera (the main town of Soon Valley). As seen in the footer, he developed and designed this website.

You can get in touch with us through the contact form below or through our facebook page. You may also contact us on whatsapp at this number: +923325515809





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