• ■ The valley is full of Wades (barsati naala) in Monsoon Season. Take extreme caution while hiking in the mountains or crossing roads when it’s raining. The water level on roads during the rains might be higher than anticipated.
    ■ Naushera to Uchali road in very bad condition. Uchali Lake full of algae with bad smell and mosquitoes. Visit in winter 2023.
    ■ Reports of armed robbers looting people at Katha Mountains / Padhi (Khaliqabad – Naushera Road) in early morning and evening. Try not to travel before Fajar and after Maghrib.
    ■ Balkasar to Talagang and Kalarkahar to Munara road under construction.

Khabeki Lake

Khabeki Lake is located near the village Khabeki. Its area is 1421 acres. It is a perennial lake and its water is suitable for fishery farms. The department of fisheries had also developed a fishery farm here in the past. Its route include from Naushera to Khabeki or from Rwp/Isl/Lahore to Khabeki through Kalar Kahaar or Talagang.


  1. Waseem Shahzad Butt

    It was a memorable journey, and i bet whenever we will look back, we definitely recall those existing and thrilling roads, the mountains and lacks. I wish government of punjab could give importance to the skacer valley especially to tracking area down towards neela wahn, so tht people can easily manage to go down and enjoy beauty of nature.

  2. What a fantastic and marvellous trip it was. We remember it for a long long time

  3. Very beautiful and fascinating place in Punjab region.
    Best for the one day tour for Isl and lahore’s people.

  4. Excellent place to stay in extreme natural and pure environment. Loving and caring people and full of eye catching scencez all the way

  5. It is a lovely place to visit but I request govt authorities to construct a good road from kalarkahar to the lake because it is in very bad condition and too narrow

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