• ■ The valley is full of Wades (barsati naala) in Monsoon Season. Take extreme caution while hiking in the mountains or crossing roads when it’s raining. The water level on roads during the rains might be higher than anticipated.
    ■ Naushera to Uchali road in very bad condition. Uchali Lake full of algae with bad smell and mosquitoes. Visit in winter 2023.
    ■ Reports of armed robbers looting people at Katha Mountains / Padhi (Khaliqabad – Naushera Road) in early morning and evening. Try not to travel before Fajar and after Maghrib.
    ■ Balkasar to Talagang and Kalarkahar to Munara road under construction.

Sodhi Rest House

This rest house was constructed under the supervision of Captain Davis in British colonial period in the 18th century for officers of the British government who used to come here for visit and inspection. These days, any government or army official can stay here after getting permission from the officials of district government. This rest house still depicts the beautiful architecture of the British period. However, the officials of the district government should pay attention towards its maintenance and allocate funds for its repair and adding more rooms to it.



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